So apparently many Christians are in uproar over the movie Noah, claiming they made too much of the plot up. Apparently the fictitious movie about a fictitious story from a fictitious book wasn’t historically accurate.

Guess who is getting hate mail again


So, three guesses for you to find out who is getting hate mail again… I won´t post any of that, because it really really hurt and I don´t want to see any of that on my dashboard…

I just want to say that whoever you are and wherever you crawled out of your dark hole again to send me those fifteen…

Don’t leave the website :( stupid lowlifes aren’t worth it. If anything they’re the one that don’t have a place in a fandom that is literally grounded in a story about bullying and zero-tolerance policies. We all love you


you know i often worry if i’m making shane too protective when i write rane fics but then the update happened and shane was there every. single. time. reed fell and im like yeah…yeah this is my ship this is what i’m about

Because it shouldn’t matter all that much in the end. Windsors are Windsors…and we all look out for each other." He looked at the boys. "Don’t we?

The moment I lost it while reading Siege. (via sarahmaskill)